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Kyle Weaner, a West Virginia native, is a licensed massage therapist and a Tibetan medicine practitioner. He has an interest in traditional Asian therapeutic modalities and in massage of aging and terminally ill people. Kyle is a graduate of Friends World Program of Long Island University (now LIU Global), where he focused on Global Health and Healing Traditions, specifically Tibetan Medicine and Geriatric Issues. Since graduating, Kyle pursued further studies in Tibetan Medicine as an apprentice of Dr. Jampa Yonten, at the Tibetan Healing & Wellness Center in Bangalore, India.


Kyle is dedicated to educating others about health and traditional healing. He has worked as a teacher of the Global Health and Healing Traditions Course, and as a student advisor for LIU-Global. He has organized teaching and consultation tours for his teacher, Dr. Jampa Yonten, at universities, hospitals, and meditation centers across the United States.


Kyle studied yoga for 9 years in India. Buddhist meditation practice has also played a huge role in the development of Kyle’s yoga practice. He is a Thai Yoga Massage Practitioner in the Lotus Palm tradition, having studied under Kam Thye Chow and Ariela Grodner. He finds Thai Massage to be a glorious union between traditional healing, yoga, and massage.

Kyle Weaner LMT

Owner, Tibetan Medical Practitioner, Massage Therapist




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Kiki was born and raised just over the river from WV, in southeastern Ohio. She took a scenic route from there to Elkins: living in Massachusetts, Scotland, France, England, China, Pittsburgh, and New York City.  She is glad to be back in Appalachia at last.


As a teacher, Kiki strives to bring yoga especially to those who did not believe yoga was accessible to them.  She encourages her students to see that the mark of an experienced yogi is not the ability of one's body to "achieve" any particular pose, but rather the ability of one's mind to observe the reality of the present moment.  She completed her 200-hour training in Integrative Yoga Therapy, and she has also studied Prenatal Yoga and Yoga for the Pelvic Floor.

Kiki completed her Advanced Certification in Thai Yoga Massage at Lotus Palm in Montreal, Canada. She enjoys helping recipients discover the disarming freedom available in their own bodies when "someone else does your yoga for you!"

Kiki is honored that all her teachers have helped her to guide others with awareness and care. In turn, she honors the light in everyone from whom she draws inspiration, most especially from her students. She gives special thanks to Walter Kühr, for the invaluable lessons her accordion has brought her regarding breath and sound, and to S. N. Goenka, whose teachings of Vipassana meditation are truly the foundation upon which she hopes to build the rest of her actions.



Kelly Alba RYT, IYT

Director of Yoga, Thai Yoga Massage Practitioner


Barbara Weaner

FNP, Naturopath

barbara w.jpg

Barbara Weaner is a certified Family Nurse Practitioner with a special interest in
natural healing. She received her Masters in Nursing from Yale University in 1991,
after attending Davis and Elkins College in Nursing and West Virginia University for
her bachelor’s degree. She spent 10 years practicing Family Medicine in primary
care, and 15 years working for West Virginia University Department of Medicine in
Nephrology. She shares an organic farm in Tucker County with her husband Scott,
and has three children. Barbara earned her Doctorate in Naturopathy for
Healthcare Professionals in 2008. She studied Contemplative Healing with
Christoph Klonk, MD and Phillip Weber, MD from 2006 through 2016, completing
certification through Menla Holistic Health. She holds a certificate in Acupuncture
Detoxification from the National Acupuncture Detoxification Association, and is
studying to be a trainer in the NADA protocol. She integrates traditional and
conventional medicine, helping patients work with illness as a path to healing.

Lori DiBacco

Meditation Coordinator

Barbara & Clay Carter

Jivaka Wellness Center Stewards




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