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Encouraging Self-Awareness through Sensory Perception Using Practical and Experience-Based Fun

• Friday October 6 (4pm) - Monday October 9 (12pm) •

Led by Kiki Alba, Lenore Pomerance, and Kyle Weaner

Saranam Retreat Center, Montrose, WV

Since we first led this retreat, we have continued to research, develop, and fine-tune its content, presenting it most recently in the UK. We are excited to be bringing it back to Saranam, where it began.


This retreat promises to offer you tools that are always available (and easy to remember) to help you shake loose from unhelpful patterns, gain empathy for yourself and others, and make choices that feel good in your gut. Immersed in an atmosphere of curiosity, with fellow explorers, you will participate in activities that foster courage and invite wonder. You will learn ways to engage fully and courageously with all that life brings – the good and the bad – and tap into a deep sense of confidence, groundedness, and balance. 


What if practicing mindfulness and heightening our awareness turns out to be really fun?


By engaging with the physical senses with a willing and open mind, you can come home to an empowering truth: that what might at first seem like another new habit to establish is actually an innate ability that just needed to be recognized. You will make the best kind of discoveries: the ones that cannot be taught.


Activities will include:

- Exploration of breath and movement

- Synesthetic expression: describing how perceptions of one sense through terms typically applied to another

- Sensory deprivation: limiting one sense to heighten the experience of others

- Practicing and refining one’s ability to identify and describe one’s own perceptions with accuracy and specificity

- Connecting sense and memory

- Experiments with sensory misperception

- Periods of intentional solitude and reflection

- Encouraging bravery in exploring the edge between familiar and unfamiliar, within safe boundaries  

- Discovering senses beyond the “famous five”

• $300 includes instruction, materials, meals, and accommodation at Saranam
• Early bird registration price: $250 - register by Friday September 8

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